Debt Collection

You get phone calls several times a day.  They send you letter after letter, threatening to file a lawsuit against you and to charge you with attorney’s fees.

Even after you get your debts cleared by a bankruptcy discharge, some debt collectors will try to get you to pay debts you no longer owe.

Debt collectors can be relentless.

West Virginia has a strong debt collection law which applies to anyone trying to collect a debt from a consumer.  Among other things, the West Virginia law prohibits a debt collector from: adobe photoshop cs5 full

  • making false statements about the amount you owe
  • trying to collect attorney’s fees or debt collector’s fees for collecting the debt;threatening to file criminal charges against you
  • contacting your employer about your individual debt before it obtains a court judgment against you
  • contacting you directly when the debt collector knows you are represented by an attorney with respect to the debt

Any debt collector who violates the West Virginia law can be required to pay you statutory damages of as much as $4,300.00 for each violation, plus your attorney’s fees and court costs.

If you have been harassed by a debt collector, call me and we can discuss whether the law protects you.

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